Salad Bars, Sundae Bars, Make Your Own Pizzas . . . what is it about “build your own” foods that make us love them so much.  Yet, it isn’t just the adults who love build-your-own foods.  Kids love them too!  . . .  Well ok, maybe everything but the salad bars.  But think of it:  it must be a special treat for a kid to have full control over what they build and eat.

My kids absolutely love apples slices and peanut butter.  We were having some friends over and I wanted to do something a little more fun.  So, I let the kids make their own apple rings with assorted toppings.  I put out mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips, granola and coconut and let the kids go to town.  (I will admit I had two . . . or was it three?)

They were delicious!  In fact, I may need to go make more now.  I happened to have these particular toppings in the house, but the possibilities are endless!  Search your pantry and put together your own kid-friendly platter.  My friend mentioned she did this with Rice Krispy’s and peanut butter.  I also think M&M’s would be a yummy topping!

Go ahead, try to eat just one!

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