scavenger hunt for daddy
I love finding fun ways to welcome Dan home from work (see our marshmallow fight or water fight).  It is simply a lighthearted way to de-stress, enjoy each other, laugh and bond.  So this time, we decided to make a scavenger hunt for Daddy . . . with the kids as the prize.


ALL YOU NEED (It really is this simple!):
1.  Excitable Kids
2.  Pen & Paper
3.  The Best Secret Hiding Place Ever



We made up clues involving things the kids like or do.


The kids ran all over the house, hiding the notes.



We talked about what was going to happen . . . AKA preparing them to be quiet when Dan was hunting through the house.  And I can’t believe it, but we didn’t hear a peep!



Shhh!  Daddy is home!



Dan following the clues.



Finding the prize!  My son was especially
excited that they were “Daddy’s Prize.”  And truly, they are!  


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