A Hot Chocolate Bar

We are not having too rough of a winter this year, but I am still in the mood for hot chocolate on chilly nights.  And this Hot Chocolate Bar is a fun little touch to any winter party or gathering.  

It is so simple to do, too!  Gather flavoring syrups (or little candies – see here for ideas), a spice or two, flavored marshmallows and Redi-Whip and you’re all set to thrill the little people in your house and even adult guests.

Here, I offered cinnamon for sprinkling, hazelnut syrup and marshmallows in these flavors:  gingerbread, french vanilla, peppermint, assorted fruity and regular white.  I have to say the gingerbread and french vanilla marshmallows were delicious; peppermint just ok and the fruity . . . well, let’s just say the kids loved them.

The fun is in building your perfect cup of hot chocolate and we did have fun!

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  1. Oh, a Hot Chocolate Bar is genius! Thanks for linking up too!

  2. that’s awesome. my mom just gave me her recipe for hot chocolate mix that you can make up in bulk and it is so yummy. LOL about the multicolored marshmallows – my kids LOVE them! But I can’t figure out why – they taste terrible! But it sure makes a fun way to celebrate chilly weather!