When I first read about this idea in Thriving Family (October/November 2011) , I immediately fell in love with it.  The idea comes from magazine reader, Letitia Suk.  (And if you haven’t yet started your free subscription to this magazine, go here for information.)

The concept is to record the year’s blessings in your Thanksgiving Journal.  Each member of the family participates in writing down what they have been thankful for during the past year . . . whether it is a new toy or a new job.  The reader shared that they do this in the morning as a way to focus on being thankful before the busyness of the day starts.

Here’s How We Made Our Thanksgiving Journal:  

We gathered a Composition journal, scraps of construction paper, a couple artificial leaves, Mod Podge (my new fave!) and a foam brush.

We covered the journal cover in Mod Podge.  I put down construction paper borders for a neat edge and then brushed on more Mod Podge.  Then the kids stuck on the scraps.  We put on a few leaves and a letter ‘T,’ and then I applied another coat of Mod Podge.

There is no right or wrong here.  Be creative.  Have fun.  And think how special it will be to look back over the years and see the answered prayers, the many blessings and highlights of each and every year.