Do you multi-task?  I’m sure the answer is a resounding, “YES!”  I multi-task to the point that I often end up hopping from one task to another without completing the original goal.  Oh, that has to be picked up!  I should clean up this mess really fast.  That is how my day often goes.

And quite honestly, I now hop through my breakfast and lunch too.  Sure, I sit down for dinner and eat with the family.  But not for the other meals.  I find myself eating bite by bite as I try to get something done, leaving my kids to sit at the table without me.  Does this happen to you?

If so, I have a 7 Day Challenge for you!  Let’s sit down for every meal for seven days.  Let’s eat with our kids, even at breakfast and lunch time.  Let’s dig deeper in relationships, slow down to enjoy our food and put people above tasks to be done. 

I’ll check back with you in a couple days and let you know how I am doing.  Will you join me?

Which will be the hardest meal for you to sit down and eat?  

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