31 Days to An Awesome Party: Color Scheme (Day 7)

Colors.  The beginning of decorating for your party.  This decision will influence everything from tablecloths, plates and napkins, tags and stationery, and all your party decoration.  If you have a theme selected, this may be an easy decision.  But there are many themes that allow you the opportunity to use your creativity and eye in choosing the right colors for your party.  So let’s start your decorating plan.

What colors draw you?  What colors fit with your theme?  Find your inspiration.  Do you have one fabric, one piece that you will spin your colors from?  When I was planning my son’s train party, I didn’t want the traditional Thomas or Chuggington colors.  I wanted a more vintage train look.  The start of my color scheme came from a sticker in a Thomas book.  The colors of the sticker?  Blue and orange with a bit of yellow.  Starting with the invitations, table elements and favor tags, I carried this color scheme through.  Cohesive!


Colors for my son’s train party were blue, orange and yellow.


Since choosing colors can be tricky, I asked Sarah Taylor or Taylor Design Studio to weigh in and share her thoughts on choosing a color scheme for a party.

Here is what Sarah had to say:

Less is more.  Your party theme will stand out better and you will make more of an impact if you choose fewer colors.

Be careful with colors in a large space.  If the party is going to be held in a large room or venue, again less is more in the number of colors you bring into the mix.  Your party will stand out and look more cohesive if you don’t have a large variety of colors.

Select 2-3 colors.  I am currently working on a party with red, aqua and white.

Be consistent.  Make sure that your colors are the same shades every time you purchase something for the party.  The only way to get away with different shades of one color is if you are doing an all pink and white party, for example.  You can have every shade of pink and it will still create a great look.

And if you’re still having trouble choosing a theme, Sarah added these thoughts:

Take something you love.  Use a book title like Good Night Moon and everyone could come in pj’s with moon decor.  Start with a song (You Are My Sunshine) or any noun (umbrella, cupcake, etc.)  Say, for example, that someone loves umbrellas, you can start searching just the word, “umbrella.”  Add little raindrops and clouds into the mix, and you have a party theme started.


Thanks, Sarah!  You can find more of Sarah’s great ideas and tips on interior decorating and party planning on the Taylor Studio Facebook page.


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