Simple Way #30

Today, our task is to take our kids, spouse or friends on a surprise trip.  Keep it simple, though.  It could be a trip out for ice cream, a trip to a favorite store or restaurant . . . or maybe even a visit to Starbucks for favorite coffees and the chance to reconnect.

The Best Laid Plans . . . my surprise was going to be to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a fun-filled morning of games.  If you get there when they open, the place is empty!  But more than that, most of the games have tickets coming out of the dispenser.  I’m guessing it is when they turn the machines on . . . either that or the closing employees go around and play all the games.   Can you picture a crazy mom and her two kids running to all the machines for the tickets?  Yeah, that’s us!  

Anyway, Sweet Boy developed an ear infection on the day I had planned to go.  So my surprise will have to wait.  But boy, they are going to be thrilled!

31 Simple Ways to Celebrate Today is a series designed to help you laugh a little more, act with others in mind and even enjoy a little silliness . . . and most definitely, to cause you to break from the busyness of your life with intentional little moments of fun.


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