Wizard of Oz Party and Family Movie Night

Last Saturday, we hosted a little Wizard of Oz Party and Family Movie Night!  It was a fun theme for decorating and creating.  And it was the first time all the kids saw the movie.  Now, I will tell you that we fast forwarded through some of the parts.  There will be time later for scary monkeys and some of the wicked witch scenes.

We simply got in the mood for the movie and songs with our treats and low-key activities.

Wizard of Oz Party door sign

Wizard of Oz Party Snack and Dessert Table


Twisted streamers are so simple and inexpensive!  The chalkboard is one I reuse over and over again and often paint the frame.  I was so excited to use a chalk pen instead of regular chalk.  It was awesome . . . until I tried to wash it off today.  Guess I’ll need a new coat of chalkboard paint.  Bummer.

All of our snacks were “in theme” with the movie.  We served Emerald City Popcorn, a candy coated popcorn that was supposed to be emerald green and not the ‘snot green’ color.  Sorry to be gross, but that is what it looked like.  It was completely delicious, however.  (Note:  I used the recipe from the above link, but the first batch of candy coating burned.  Once I lowered the heat to medium-low rather than increasing the heat when instructed, it turned out fine.)


Emerald City Popcorn for Wizard of Oz Party


Next came the Ruby Red Drops which were actually green grapes dipped in Chocoley’s Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping and Coating Milk and rolled in their red sanding sugar.  My daughter ate the chocolate coating and left the grapes . . . hmmmm.


Ruby Red Drops for Wizard of Oz party

Over the Rainbow Kabobs 

Adding something healthy to the mix were the “Over the Rainbow” kabobs with fruit coordinating with rainbow colors.  And the crunchy for the night were the Bugles showing up as Scarecrow Hats.  Boy, it had been awhile since we had eaten those yummy Bugles!


Scarecrow Hats for Wizard of Oz Party


Next came one of my favorites, Yellow Brick Road Bars.  I made these treats with Chocoley’s Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy and Molding White, their yellow coloring oil and 12 section plastic sheet mold.  The chocolate was gourmet, delicious and very easy to work with!

Yellow Brick Road Bars for Wizard of Oz Party - Chocolate from Chocoley.com




My Sweet Dorothy with a handmade [garage sale] Dorothy dress.

The favors were Skittles (over the rainbow) in baskets and Tin Man Heart tins filled with red candy.  Don’t worry, these poppies didn’t make the kids sleepy.


Wizard of Oz Party Favors

Tin Man Heart Container for Wizard of Oz favor

Wizard of Oz Party Table

mason jars and striped straws for Wizard of Oz party


The Munchkin Juice was green punch from the Food Network.  It was a bit too sweet but had a good taste.  The kids sure loved it!


Green Punch in Mason Jar (Munchkin Juice) for Wizard of Oz party

Munchkin Juice for Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Snacks


When the kids arrived, they each colored a picture of Dorothy and her friends and drew their own rainbow.  This was the only activity we did other than watch the movie.

During the film, I had two special treats for the kids, however.  When the Lollipop Guild sang their song, I handed out dum dum lollipops.  And later, when Dorothy arrived at the Emerald City, I gave the children green glow-in-the-dark necklaces.  It was a hit!


Wizard of Oz Coloring Sheet

Hand out lollipops at the lollipop guild song in Wizard of Oz

Hand out green glow sticks when Dorothy reaches the Emerald City.

It was a great party.  I loved the theme and the colors.  The rainbow color scheme was bold and fun to work with.  Soon, I’ll be sharing a Family Discussion Guide to accompany the movie.

Special thanks to Chocoley for providing all the chocolate and related products needed for this party.  Next week, I’ll be sharing how I made the Ruby Red Drops and how much I enjoyed working with their chocolate.

Until then, see you somewhere over the rainbow!

>Grab my free Wizard of Oz Family Discussion Guide.


Disclosure:  I received the products from Chocoley at no cost.  All opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy on the About Page for more information.  

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