When The Special Isn’t So Special

With young children, it is bound to happen.  You will plan a fun outing and inevitably, someone throws a temper tantrum, is disobedient or is just the party pooper of the day. 
Awhile back, we had two fun days with the launching of Minnie’s Masquerade on Disney Junior.  On that Friday, our local Disney store hosted a costume event where the kids watched the episode, made crowns with very cool stickers, had their own parade and also took home magnets and a prize ribbon.  (Sweet Boy slept with his ribbon.) 

Then Saturday, the Disney Road Team and Radio Disney hosted a similar event in our mall.  Being the Disney fanatic mom that I am, of course we went to both.  However, Saturday wasn’t so magical.  Sweet Boy threw his masquerade mask up in the air which hit a woman’s leg and also let out a couple screams of discontentment.  Sigh. 

So, what did we do?  We excused ourselves gracefully about half way through and made it clear to Sweet Boy (not so sweet at the moment) that we were leaving because he wasn’t behaving.  Yes, he cried through most of the mall.  And no, contrary to the funny man at the ISP sales kiosk, he did not need access to the internet to make everything better.  But this mommy is hoping that by following through and leaving the fun event at which I wanted to stay, next time we’ll have the pleasant behavior.
And BY THE WAY, The Disney Store offers monthly activities . . . all free.  Just check their website for events near you.  Scroll down the page and click on Upcoming Events.  
Fun AND free, what a great combination.