THE STATE BORDER SONG: Traveling with Kids (Part Two)

The State Border Song

If you and I are on the phone when I happen to be crossing a state border, yes, I will stop talking and yes, I will SING

I have been singing the state border song for as long as I can remember.  My mother sang it with her family growing up.  My friends and college roommates have had to sing it.  The teens from our church youth group have had to sing the song.  And at last, my family sings it too.

 This is an easy, little way to break up a long road trip.  Make up your own song or listen here for our song  (Be forewarned about mediocre singing and children who just woke up). 

Whatever you choose, just use the same song for every state border and use it for the rest of your life.  Have fun, be silly.  Create this memory for your children so they, too, will feel compelled to sing the state border song at every state line they will ever cross…and I bet they will think of you. 

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