Last Friday, Dan and I had the opportunity for a date night!  Dan had gotten a ride to work that morning and I was to pick him up early so we could catch an Omnimax Movie before our tickets expire mid-February.  However even with best intentions, Dan was not able to leave work early.  I shopped (quite enthusiastically) while I waited for word that he was done.  But  I only received a couple text messages each stating a new delay.  I really didn’t mind.  I can’t remember the last time I casually shopped by myself.

With the delay, we decided on dinner at a popular Chinese restaurant to which we had a gift card.  He hopped in the car and immediately turned up his heat.  (Don’t you love separate driver and passenger temp controls?)  However, he cranked it so high that within a short time I began to sweat while he sat there shivering.

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But even in spite of the way Dan felt, the somewhat disappointing change of plans and what should have counted as a failed date, it was one of the best date nights we have had in awhile.  And for this reason:  earlier in the week Dan had asked me to think about two questions that we would both answer at dinner.   It was this intentional conversation that made me fall in love with this man even more.  Not only the fact that he wanted to share at this level but also that he too, desired to grow deeper in our marriage.The rare occurrence only meant one thing . . . Dan was getting sick.  He still wanted to eat dinner but we both knew there would be no movie or other stop afterwards.  I will tell you now that within 48 hours of date night, we discovered that Dan had pneumonia.  This would make it the third time!

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Do you want to know the two questions?  Ok, here they are:

1.  Name three times when he made me feel special.
2.  What are the things we have done lately that have been the most fun for me?

As to our answers, well I think we’ll have to keep those to ourselves.  But I do hope that you’ll sit down over dinner and ask your spouse these questions . . . minus the chills and fever.

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