Single Pocket Napkin Fold for Summer Entertaining ~ EF #5

single pocket napkin fold

Welcome to Entertaining Fridays!  We’ve stepped into July this week and are ready for more summer entertaining.

Do you use linen or paper napkins when you entertain?  My general rule is if all my guests are sitting at one table (meaning 8 or less), I opt for linen.  I love the look!

Today, I’ll be sharing how to make a single pocket napkin fold . . . the perfect fold to tuck in a summer bloom from your garden.

napkin fold for summer entertaining

What to Grab:

  • Your Linen Napkins
  • An Iron (depending on how well your napkin folds)
  • Beauties from your Garden*

*Be sure to give the flower a good shake before bringing inside or placing in the napkin.  No need to surprise a guest with extra little friends.

The How To:

Depending on the thickness of your napkin or how crisp you want the folds, you may need to iron the napkin as you go along.

instructions for single pocket napkin fold


1.  Spread the napkin out with seams facing up.

2.  Fold the napkin in half to the side.

3.  Fold a bottom segment up.

4.  Fold up from the bottom again.  Check and see if you like the depth of the pocket and adjust accordingly.

5.  Fold one side under.

6.  Fold the other side under.

Last, add your flower!


single napkin fold for entertaining

perfect summer napkin fold

And there you have it.  Perfect for your summer entertaining.

Next on Entertaining Fridays, I’ll be sharing a simple, yet delicious breakfast idea for your next morning gathering.  (And it looks absolutely beautiful in parfait dishes!)

Do you like using linen napkins?  What folds do you use?