Silhouette Cameo’s NEW Products

If you’ve been hanging out here for any length of time, you probably know of my crazy love for my Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool.  I use it for parties, celebrations and so many everyday fun uses.  (You can see some of them herehere or here.)  Well, the possibilities just got better!

Silhouette America just came out with a whole new line of products and I am so excited.  If you already have a Cameo, you are going to love the new products.  And if you have been thinking of buying a Cameo, all these new possibilities for using it may just put you over the edge.

(Incidentally, if you want to know the differences between the Cricut and Silhouette Cameo and why I chose the Cameo, go here.)

The New Products (with the top three I’m most excited about):

The Silhouette Cameo hooks right up to your computer and is so versatile.  In the past, I have designed, printed and cut party printables (among other things) and then glued them to objects.  No longer!  Now I can print and cut right on the white sticker paper and easily secure it to whatever I am working on.  
I saw this tutorial on the Silhouette America blog for making a giant tissue paper flower on a gift bag using these adhesive sheets.  Gorgeous!  I will definitely be picking up some of this.  You can also use their glitter with the adhesive paper.  (Although truthfully, glitter is my enemy.)
Oh, this just means more fun!  Cut a magnet to fit anything.  
I have a crafty cousin who does adorable fabric work on canvases.  I think she would love this!  
Dust Covers (that yes, you can add heat transfer and customize your look)

Printable Silver Foil

Other products include assorted colors of vinyl, temporary tattoo paper, adhesive backed cardstock and several starter kits (for vinyl, heat transfer, rhinestone and fabric ink).  You can check out more of these products here.

Thinking of buying a Silhouette Cameo?  When I was buying my Cameo, Amazon was the best price (and it still is).  This package deal also gets you $10 in shape downloads.  Remember, unlike the Cricut where you have to spend $30-40 to buy a set of cartridge shapes, the Cameo allows you to buy only the shape you want.  Most shapes are only 99 cents.  I have had my Cameo since April and have only spent $20 (all from gift cards) on shapes.  Their blog also gives away a shape every Tuesday.

But you don’t have to only buy shapes.  The software allows you to create your own shapes and designs.  You can even take apart shapes you have bought to create other things – hard to understand, I know.  But very economical.

If you already have a Cameo, what product are you most excited about?  

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