We love any excuse to party!  And unbeknownst to me that today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday (until after the invitations were already out), today is the party.  Sweet Boy’s preschool class is coming over for a fun-filled, colorful Dr. Seuss party. Have you thought of throwing a Dr. Seuss party?

The Seuss theme is a lot of fun (try it if you may, I say).  I love themes that lend themselves to so many options and creative ideas.

Here is the party invitation I sent out.  Feel free to use it yourself.  And see below if you’d like to turn it into a birthday party invitation.

Dr. Seuss Party Invitation

You are invited
Oh, won’t you come
To a Dr. Seuss
It’s sure to be fun

There isn’t a cause
It isn’t the season
We just like to party
>Whatever the reason

We’ll play silly games
We’ll read a fun book
We’ll make a cat’s hat
And you won’t have to cook!

Desserts we will share
Amidst laughter and giggles
Bring the YOUest of You’s
And bring all your wiggles!

Alternate 2nd Stanza for a Birthday Party:

[Child’s name]’s birthday is near
It’s almost the season
And we like to party
For the birthday reason

So start your planning.  Pick the date.  I’ll be sharing more party  ideas next week.

Update:  The kids got sick (bummer!) so we had to postpone the party until next week.  I’ll be sharing details the week of March 12th.

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