Save up to $20 with Kiwi Crate

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Every month, a little green box appears on our front porch.  My kids make me immediately grab the scissors to cut through the tape for a glance of what is inside.  Secretly, I’m just as curious and excited.   I know I’ll find something fun, creative and educational waiting for my kids, carefully packed inside the new Kiwi Crate box.

I love Kiwi Crate and that is why I wanted to quickly tell you about their August Back to School sale.  You can get up to $20 off a new subscription.  A monthly subscription is $19.95 per month or $16.95 if you pay for 12 months at once.  But with this sale, if you purchase 12 months upfront, you will only be paying $15.25 per month, a $20 savings.  Other discounts are being offered for other subscription plans.  Incredible value packed in one very amazing box!

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