Marshmallow Pops are a great treat for a party.  Not only can you display them in a variety of fun ways, but you can also tie them into any theme or color scheme.  Here are a few examples.
Above are marshmallow pops from The Glamour Party.  My cousin used jumbo marshmallows, dipped them in chocolate and rolled them in a variety of sprinkles.  She inverted them and served them in cupcake wrappers.


These marshmallow pops are from Marcy’s daughter’s Tea Party.  Not only did she use colorful confetti, but check out her cute display of striped colored candy in a glass pitcher.

Cherise made these s’mores marshmallow pops for her son’s Western/Cowboy Birthday Party.  Look how she stayed in-theme by using a small hay bale for display.  Cute!

So many possibilities with this simple treat.  Have you made marshmallow pops before?  What kind did you make?