Here is another “holiday” to celebrate, but this time it is completely up to you what it is you will celebrate!  Today is “Make Your Own Holiday” Day.  

On Monday morning, I announced to the kids that it was “Talk Nice” Day.  It just slipped out of my mouth at the first moment the two began to verbally battle over a toy.  I quickly decided that today was the day to make a concerted (deliberate and consistent . . . or should I say constant) effort to be sure that the kids would be speaking to each other with kind words and gentleness.  I would strive to spend the day training and teaching . . . but then the flu came and all aspirations went out the door.

But I have to say, being sick on the couch (full with moaning, running to the bathroom and even a hot rice pack on my head for the worst sinus headache ever), the kids were absolutely wonderful!  Sweet Boy teared up when he realized how bad I felt.  Sweet Girl stroked my head and made sure I was covered in a blanket.  They worked together to find the pink hospital tubs (you know, the ones for when you, um, don’t make it to the bathroom); they brought me everything they possibly could.  And they were perfect to each other.  Who knew, it would take me being sick and “out of commission.”

So anyway, here are 12 holidays I would make up:

1.  Throw Out the List Day
2.  Put Back Everything You Take Out Day
3.  Play All Day-Day
4.  Stop at Every Ice Cream Store in Town Day
5.  Everyone Is Happy & Thankful Day
6.  My Kids Eat All Their Meals Day
7.  Mary Poppins Day (watch the movie and then snap, clean all the rooms)
8.  Random Acts of Kindness Day
9.  Pajama Day
10.  Hire a Housekeeper or Chef Day (wouldn’t that be a treat!)
11.  Lark Day – do something fun & crazy
12.  Hop on a Plane and Go to Disney World Day

One thing I noticed after our series, 31 Simple Ways to Celebrate Today, was that I was more focused on being intentional about creating fun moments and also focused on little ways to bless others.  Each day was a celebration of some sort.  If you happened to miss it, you can start the series anytime at all.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

So, what holiday would you make up?  Why not do it?