It Takes A Village . . . Of Cardboard Box Homes

Not too long ago, I was sitting in my family room staring at our little box house and thinking how much I loved it…and the fun and creativity it represented.  (See last week’s post on taking cardboard boxes and turning them into little houses for kids.)

And that was when it hit me!  I NEEDED TO MAKE A VILLAGE!

I mean, if you’re going to do something fun with your kids, why not go all the way?  Why not invite their friends, gather messy paints and other creative supplies?  Why not turn it into a PARTY?


So that is just what we did!  We collected boxes (scored these gigantic ones thanks to Dan), gathered supplies and invited the kids.

We painted, we glued, we decorated.  We built sky lights, made curtains and cupcake flowers.  The kids had a blast!  I even overheard a brother and sister talking about making their box into a restaurant.  Imagination is a wonderful thing!

And of course, when it was all done, I brought out a plate a chocolate chip cookies, explaining to the kids that when someone is new to the neighborhood, it is kind to welcome your new neighbors with cookies.  YUM!


  1. Michelle Tyrone says:

    These are so cute and budget friendly! I will definitely try these for my kids.

    Lansbrook Village Palm Harbor FL

  2. Where did you get all your boxes? Laura

  3. Laura, we got them from my husband’s work. I have also seen this style at Sam’s Club and Aldi holding produce or other items. Furniture stores, plumbing supply and home improvement stores would be other places to ask. Hope that helps!

  4. Really informative blog. Card board boxes are often used for making homes by the children’s. They are painted, glued and also decorated it in several ways whatever they want. They invite their friends and do gather messy paints and other creative supplies on it. Keep sharing such more.