Are you familiar with Kiwi Crate?  I had heard the name briefly here and there, but didn’t fully know what they were.  That is until someone from their staff contacted me to review their product.  And I am so glad they did!  Our kiwi crate arrived in the mail over a week ago.  The cute green box just screamed to be opened for an afternoon (and more) of fun and creativity.

But let’s start at the beginning.  What is Kiwi Crate?   It is a monthly subscription service where your child receives a themed box of “projects that spark creativity and curiosity,” all centered around a particular theme (think Dinosaurs, Gardens, Sea and Space).  Each crate has two-three carefully designed and kid-tested projects, targeted at kids ages 3-7.  They tag it, “Hand-on fun, delivered right to your door!”  And it is.

The Kiwi Crate we received was Busy with Bugs.  And I absolutely loved it . . . oh, and so did my kids.  Here are some of my thoughts:

The Dinosaurs Crate

From the Mom’s View Point:

  • I was impressed with the care of packaging.  When you open the box, the contents are wrapped with tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.
  • They make it easy.  Every project came with everything you need.  (Ok, I did have to provide water…)
  • Everything was very well thought out.  One of our projects was painting, which could be somewhat ordinary.  But not with Kiwi Crate!  They added a creative touch that my kids loved.    
  • The projects were fun and creative.  
  • My kids were interested and engaged.
  • I was impressed with the durability and quality of materials. 
  • We learned about bugs!  

From the kid’s view point:

  • Once the tissue paper/sticker seal was broken, unloading the contents of the box seemed unending.  It was packed full of fun things!
  • The first project was especially cool.  We made a firefly and my son was thrilled with it.  Kiwi Crate put a creative twist on it to make it really fly!  My son so loved his firefly that it went everywhere with us for a couple days.  If we saw you, he showed you the firefly.  He was proud!
  • The projects were super fun to make/do/read.  My son kept asking to start the second project.
  • It was together-time with Mommy.  

From Kiwi Crate’s website:  

  • Spark creativity and discovery through award-winning projects specially designed for kids ages 3-7.
  • Arts, crafts and science activities delivered to your door every month for only $19.95 per month.
  • Sign up is easy. Shipping is free, and you can cancel anytime. Join the fun with a month-to-month or 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

EXPIRED:  And as a special offer to Celebrate Every Day With Me readers:  Kiwi Crate is offering a free party pack when you make a purchase.  You can choose between these two items, but you must use the accompanying link to receive the free product.  (Cannot be combined with other offers.)

Free Comet Party Pack
Free Wings Party Pack

Kiwi Crate would also make a great gift.  Or, if you are shopping for yourself but you have more than one kid in the age range, they offer a Sibling Add-On for $7.95/month.  No fighting!

Have you tried Kiwi Crate before?  What did you think?   

(Disclosure:   I received the Kiwi Crate at no cost and all opinions are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure Policy on the About Page..)