Celebrating Your Family on Valentine's Day (3)

There are so many cute ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes, I want to try them all.  And then I get my sanity back and realize simple can be better.  It is completely ok to not add to your family’s already existing traditions, whatever the holiday.

Here is what my family does for Valentine’s Day:  Each February starts with our Mail Boxes.  Then, on the day itself, there are the chocolate chip cookies that I make and the sweets that Dan buys.  Sounds like enough, right?  Yep, it is.

But there is one thing I will be adding this year.  

10 Things I Love About You

Simple, sweet, heart-shaped love notes.  Little messages that tell my family what I love about them.  Add some strawberry milk and we’ll be all set.

So let me encourage you to keep it simple, but meaningful.  Have fun and celebrate your spouse and children.

valentine's day fun

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What are your family’s Valentine’s Day traditions?