“Big Me, Little You” Review & Mother’s Day Book Giveaway


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I am always on the lookout for great activities that can bring my kids and I closer together.  Something that bonds and creates special moments and memories.  If the activity provides a tangible object for us to hold on to for years to come, even better!

And that is why I was so excited for Sweet Girl and I to start on “The Big Me, Little You Book:  A Journal for Kids Big and Small.”  Written by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder, my daughter and I are finding great pleasure in working through this journal together.  It is meant for an adult and child, but not necessarily a parent and their kid.  It may be done with a grandparent, a babysitter, even a long-distance aunt.  The point is to connect with the little kid in your life.

Throughout the book are prompts like writing down happy times you’ve shared together or silly things like what you would name your “turkey” family.  There is a picture of a brick wall on which you can write graffiti and a page to share and draw what kind of animal you would like to be.

My daughter loved it from the very first page!  We had to write ways that we were alike.  I was suprised how creative my 4 year old can be…right down to the fact that we shared the same Alice in Wonderland dress.

There are places to draw, to write words of encouragement to each other and all sorts of other creative prompts.  It isn’t meant to be done all at once.  In fact, it is something to be savored, enjoyed and done over days, seasons . . . even years.  On the first page, you are asked to write your names and the day you started the book and the day you finished it.

It is a precious journal and I am looking forward to sweet moments between my daughter and myself.

Would you like to win a copy and more?  

Sourcebooks is graciously giving away a copy of Big Me, Little You, plus copies of Little Blessings by iconic photographer, Anne Geddes and Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by greeting card designer, Kathy Davis.

These books are perfect for any mother – the new mom, the inspired mom and the mom who wants to experience childhood all over again with their kid.

TO ENTER {GIVEAWAY EXPIRED}leave a comment below answering this question:  

 What is your favorite memory with your mother?  


More about the books included in the giveaway:


For the New Mother: Little Blessings by Anne Geddes

A beautiful, new gift book that features the world of award-winning photographer and New York Times bestseller Anne Geddes. Each spread features a unique photograph paired with a thoughtful quote or blessing that highlights the joy, beauty, and wonder that new babies bring to every parent. Through the lens of Anne Geddes,Little Blessings captures the unparalleled relationship between child and caregiver.


For the Inspired Mother: Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by Kathy Davis

Whether your mom lives just around the corner or is cherished deep in the memories of your heart, the words of love and wisdom in Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by top greeting card designer Kathy Davis will bring you a little closer to your own.Known for her whimsical style and uplifting sentiments of giving and sharing joy, Kathy Davis is a true woman entrepreneur who turned a passion into a business.

For the Mother Who’s A Kid Again: Big Me, Little You

Create a memory-filled journal with the kid in your life! The Big Me, Little You journal is packed with fun prompts, activities, and crafts that provide you with a way to share and engage with the special kid in your life. Fill it out together or send it back and forth – there’s no limit to the way you can connect and share through words, pictures and lists!

Giveaway Details:  One winner will be chosen based on his or her answer to the above question.  The giveaway will run Tuesday, April 29th through Friday, May 2nd at 11:59pm EST.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the notification email and claim the prize or a new winner will be selected.

Special thanks to Sourcebooks for a great Mother’s Day giveaway!

Winner Announcement

After much deliberation between my mother and I (and boy, was this tough to pick a winner from all the special, funny and meaningful memories) . . . the winner is:

Cherise – “My mom saved a vintage dollhouse and lots of dolls from her childhood and gave them to my sister and I in such a fun, unique way. First she gave us the house, and then for weeks after that, when we would wake up on Monday morning, there would be two dolls sitting on our dining room table and we would each get to choose one. It was such a special way to receive such a special gift.”

Thanks for all your great responses.  It was so hard to pick a winner.  We wished we could have picked all of you!


(Disclosure:  I was provided with copies of the above books at no cost.  All opinions are my own.)  



  1. I mostly remember “quotes” from my mom….’drink water’….’lock your doors’….’i love you’…’you are special and unique’

  2. I remember when she threw me a bridal shower. I was very grateful. My mother was mentally ill from the time I was a child and would often not leave the house out of her paranoid fears that someone was trying to kill her. It was a lovely day.

    • Oh Rosanne, that must have made the shower all the more special. Thank you for sharing this memory with us!

  3. Melissa Miller says:

    I think I was 6 and I was trying to make cookies and i had flour all over the kitchen and she handed me a broom and said clean it up.

  4. I was 7 and my mother shared about Jesus dying on the cross for me. I am so thankful she took the time to be intentional to share about Christ’s love – despite my young age. She has continued to be a spiritual force in my life. Love her!

    • What a heritage and blessing to be raised in a Christian home. I’m sure you are just as intentional with your boys. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  5. One of my favorite memories is of the day I learned to ride a bike. I was probably about 6 years old. I was so proud and I convinced her to let me give her a ride too. Something I’ll never forget…. as a mom now, I’m not so sure I’d want my new bike rider giving me a ride on their bike. Lol!

    • Oh Chasidy! This is hilarious! I can’t say that I would hop on a bike with my 6 year old. Your mom was brave. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Denise S says:

    One of my favorite memories is how we would pick something to bake from a fancy dessert book every week and make it together.

    • What a lovely memory, Denise. I love looking through fancy dessert books. Do you still bake regularly?
      Thanks for sharing your memory!

  7. Shannon Baas says:

    The time we have spent together cooking.

    • I’m sure you learned a lot from your mom in the kitchen. What a great way to spend time together. Thank you for sharing your memory with us, Shannon!

  8. My best memory of my mother … Gosh, there are so many. She raised me alone from birth with little help from family, friends, or anyone else. She worked sometimes 2 jobs to make ends meet and this was all while attending college. She wanted to make a better life for my brother and I and she has! But because she had to be away from home a lot, the small moments were the ones I loved best… when she would brush my hair, or read me a book, or come home just in time to tuck me in for the night, or pushing me on the swings at the local park. I love my mom and can honestly say, she’s still my best friend in the whole world.

    • Daphne, your mom sounds like an incredible woman and so devoted to her kids. How nice that you are still best friends. Thank you for sharing about her with us. 🙂

  9. Liza Vladyka says:

    watching the movie matches for sale

    • Liza, thank you for sharing your memory. I can remember climbing into my mom’s bed and watching old movies on Sunday afternoons. It was such fun.

  10. My mom saved a vintage dollhouse and lots of dolls from her childhood and gave them to my sister and I in such a fun, unique way. First she gave us the house, and then for weeks after that, when we would wake up on Monday morning, there would be two dolls sitting on our dining room table and we would each get to choose one. It was such a special way to receive such a special gift.

    • Cherise, this is so precious! I love that the dolls and house were your mom’s as a child and the creative way she gave them to you and your sister. What fun! I’m curious if you saved them for your kids?

      • Cherise says:

        She saved all of the dolls (they are called Liddle Kiddles), but the house was made of metal and got too rusty over the years.

  11. barbara n says:

    I loved to bake with my mom…we always made cut out sugar cookies for every holiday!

  12. I remember the smell of my mom’s breath (a good smell!) and the sound of her voice as I sat in her lap while she read to me as a child.

    • It is funny how scents and sounds can stay with us and stir our memories. Thank you for sharing your memory!

  13. Birdiebee says:

    Going to the mother daughter tea at our church when I was in grade school.

    • Birdiebee, I love mother daughter teas….a nice time to enjoy just the two of you. Thank you for sharing your memory with us.

  14. I have so many wonderful memories of my mom. She always has been and still is my best friend. She was a loving, encouraging, hard working and fun mama to me. I remember one April Fool’s Day she got a realistic looking frog and put it under my desk in my room. She had me convinced it was real! We still have that frog. I also remember a particularly difficult year in elementary school…I was constantly homesick and schoolwork had become a challenge for me for the first time ever. My mom studied with me every night for hours- each night taking me to a new, different place in town to make it fun and unique. She used to wait up for me on the weekends in high school – I’d get home at midnight and we’d play Yahtzee together and talk until 2 a.m. I love my mom and would be grateful just to be a portion of the mother she was and is to me!

    • Jody, your mom is a very special lady! I love that she took you to different study locations and stayed up late chatting. It just shows how invested she was in you. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your memories. 🙂

  15. Laurie Emerson says:

    My favorite memory with my mother is watching her bake. My mom loved to bake and did everything from scratch. As I got older she would let me help like putting the eggs in the batter and later even frosting a cake. I loved how close I felt to her and how wonderful the house always smelled on baking days.

    • Laurie, I love how you can just jump right back into that memory. You must have felt so special as she let you do more and more while you baked. Do you still love baking today?

      • Laurie Emerson says:

        I do! My mom passed away not long ago and now I bake with my little girl. Every time we bake something together it makes me feel close to my mom and like I am passing down memories.

        • I am so sorry to hear about your mom, Laurie. 🙁 It makes baking with your daughter even more meaningful as a memory. I’m sure your daughter loves the time with you.

  16. kathy dalton says:

    My favorite memory of my mother was watching her graduate from college when i was a senior in high school

    • Oh wow, Kathy! That must have been incredible. It is so difficult to raise kids and be a student. She must be a very dedicated woman. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Diana Hatch says:

    I always liked going shopping with my mother

    • Thanks for sharing your memory, Diana. I can remember always trying to keep up in the mall with my fast-walking mom! But it was still lots of fun. 🙂

  18. Ashley Fryer says:

    My favorite memory of my mom is her singing me songs from her childhood to me each night before bed.

  19. My favorite memory is when she visited me in Germany when I was studying abroad and we traveled throughout Europe. It was so much fun just the two of us!

    • Oh I bet that was a wonderful time and probably gave you many great memories. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Ashley!

  20. Coming home one day to find my mom waiting for me with a carton of expired eggs that she wanted to throw off the deck. Essentially egging our own house.

    • Oh Susan! This is a riot!! How funny! I’m going to have to keep this in mind for the next carton of expired eggs. 😉

  21. Katie Bellamy says:

    My Mom always baked with me. She would teach me to make candy & frost cookies so pretty! I loved doing that and I love doing it with my daughter now!

    • Katie, I love that you are carrying on the tradition and memory with your daughter now. How special! Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. Sue Hull says:

    My mom raised my 2 sisters and myself by herself. We didn’t have money but we always did fun things together. We went to the park,for walks and she always played with us. I had an amazing childhood and my mom is the best. I consider myself very blessed to have to my mom. Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂

    • Sue, your mom sounds like a great lady! I love that despite the financial situation, you still all had fun together. I bet you have lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing about her with us.

  23. MARIA simon says:


    • Maria, I could tear up just thinking of you and your mom. It sounds like you two are very close. Thank you for reminding us to hold each day as special with our loved ones.