Refocus with “Beyond Heaven’s Door”

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When I first heard about Max Lucado’s book, Beyond Heaven’s Door, I was very excited to read it.  With getting the house ready to sell, the usual and extra little commitments I have right now, I have been feeling rather stressed.  And when life is busy and stressful, it is easy become focused on ourselves and our own agendas.  We can forget not only the prize for which we are running, but our true purpose and ultimate end-game.


I knew with the pace at which I’m running, I needed some fresh perspective.  I needed to refocus my gaze heavenward.  And this little book was perfect to do so.


In Beyond Heaven’s Door, Max Lucado talks about not only what is required to have the assurance of eternal life, but also what we can expect when we arrive.  With easy-to-understand illustrations and colorful stories, Max Lucado connects with the reader, bringing joy, peace and excitement of what lies ahead.


This book of 127 pages (think gift-book size) is teaming with Biblical truth and quoted passages.  Lucado clearly lays out the plan of salvation.  He shares about the pain we experience in this life, the sin that plagues our world, the temporal and restrictive nature of our physical bodies.    And then he talks about what happens beyond heaven’s door, at least the things we know will happen based on Scripture.   The new bodies we’ll possess, the crowns God himself hands out, and ultimately, the joy of seeing Jesus.


I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book and the way Lucado is able to reduce complex issues to simple truths.  This book was a great reminder of what we have to look forward to.  The parts on physical restrictions really spoke to me.  I have “back issues” that limit what I am able to do.  And thinking of a day when I no longer wake up with this pain, with this limitation is a wonderful thought.  So many face challenges that are harder and more serious than mine.  A new and resurrected body will be absolutely glorious.


This world is not our home.  Yes, we may find ourselves getting comfy here, but it is not our ultimate destination.  For those in Christ, we have the most amazing adventure still ahead of us.  Reading this book renewed the excitement I have for the day I’m called home and will see Jesus face to face.  It is a great little book!


What is one thing you are looking forward to when you go Beyond Heaven’s Door?  


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  1. Thinking about eternity always changes my perspective. Sounds like a great book and one that would also make a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing!