An "Amazing Light Show" at Home

How many light up toys do you have in your household?  Go ahead, think it through.  We have hand-helds, ride-ons and all other sorts.  This fun idea comes from my sister-in-law and they call it “THE AMAZING LIGHT SHOW.”

On nights when the Amazing Light Show is playing at their house, they gather all the light up toys and have a parade.  Lights go out, music turns on and the marching begins!   And from what I hear, the whole family gets in on this.

Now there is special music they play.  It is the nighttime parade music from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, SpectroMagic.  (This just happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs!)  You can buy it in the parks, at the Disney Store or on Amazon.  And while any music will do, this song will delight your kids with the voices of their beloved characters, a whimsical tune and of course, the good old magic of Disney.

A Picture of the Main Street Electrical Parade,
currently showing at the Magic Kingdom.


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  1. I love the idea of adding music… perfect selection!