The toddler/preschooler age is filled with many “firsts.”  First vacation here, first visit to there, first tastes, first opportunities . . . so many first experiences!  I remember the first time my son had cotton candy.  I remember my kids’ first pro-basketball and baseball games.  (Don’t tell my husband, but I was more enthralled with watching my kids take everything in than I was with the game.)  I have loved experiencing my children’s “firsts.”

Earlier this summer, I picked up a tent for a couple bucks at a garage sale.  Sweet Boy was very excited that Daddy was going to take him camping and decided that a particular night was THE night to do it.  So Dan set up the tent (yes, on the deck), grabbed sleeping bags and a deck of cards.  I brought out glow sticks only to find them playing lick’em stick’em.  Yep, Dan was sticking cards to his forehead while Sweet Boy had to guess which it was!  (Can you say card-counter?)

Anyway, they had a lot of fun and it lasted about an hour and a half.  Sweet Boy was getting tired and asked if he could go inside to bed.  It is a good thing too, because Dan didn’t fit very well in this tent.

So Sweet Boy has his first camping experience under his belt plus some fun guy-time with Daddy and now I’ll get to enjoy another first when he actually spends the night outside.

What have been your most precious “firsts” with your kids?