Simple Way #11


A couple months ago, I was walking down the hallway only to hear my son sweetly singing from his bed, “Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One . . .”  It had been somewhat of a difficult and exhausting day, but that little voice gently reminded me to think of the blessings over the challenges, to choose to focus on the positives instead of the negatives . . . and to keep a thankful perspective.


It really is amazing how developing a perspective of gratitude can make you delight in even the smallest blessings of life.  So today, we are writing a Gratitude List.  Keep it where you’ll see it often.  Add to it.  Journal about it.  Be intentional and purposeful with it.


Here are Ten Starter Thoughts for your Gratitude List:  


The people that love and care for me ____________________________.
The greatest blessings of my life are ____________________________.
Basic needs that are provided to me ____________________________.
The big things in my life that I am grateful for are ____________________________.
The little things in life that I am grateful for are ____________________________.
Today, I am happy about ____________________________.
The simple things I love ____________________________.
The journeys that make me stronger are  ____________________________.
The silly things I love ____________________________.
Something nice a person did for me recently ____________________________.


Will you share something on your list?  Leave a comment below.  



31 Simple Ways to Celebrate Today is a series designed to help you laugh a little more, act with others in mind and even enjoy a little silliness . . . and most definitely, to cause you to break from the busyness of your life with intentional little moments of fun.
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