class reunion game-002

A couple weeks ago, my husband celebrated his 20th year High School Class Reunion.  It was an enjoyable evening.  Dinner at a golf course, old friends, fun photos and a great game.  The game was the reunion game where you ask who has the most ___ or how many times you have ___.  It was fun to hear about the people in my husband’s class (many of whom I know), but what made the game so clever were the prizes they handed out to the “winners.”  

Each prize was coordinated to the question.  For example, for the couple who had the most kids, they received energy drinks.  For the person who had moved the most number of times (which was 17 by the way!), they received packing tape and “We’ve Moved” postcards.  The classmate who did the game and prizes really thought it out and it made it so much fun!  (Way to go, Dawn!)

Here was the list of questions and the prizes:

How Many . . .
Times have you moved?  (Packing Tape and “We Moved” Postcards)
Children do you have?  (Energy Drinks, Kids’ Cook Book and Magnets)
Pets do you have?  (Pet Treats)
Times have you been pulled over?  (Traffic Cone and a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card)
Books have you published?  (Giant Pen and Composition Notebook)
Years have you been married?  (Drink Mix, Cool Glasses and Candles)
Broken bones have you had?  (Band-Aids and a Sling)
College degrees have you earned?  (Write-on Graduation Cap, Pin and Fake Diploma)
Years have you played in a band?  (Blow-up Guitar, Guitar Sunglasses and Guitar Pen)
How old is your oldest child?  (Hair Coloring Kit and a “Teenager” Mini Book)
How young is your youngest child?  (Bottles and Children’s Health Book)
How far did you travel to get here tonight?  (Toy Airplane and Dramamine)
Do you live a mile or two away?  (Flip flops, Reflectors, Glow Sticks, Water and Bug Spray)
Where was your most exotic vacation?  (Beach Bucket with Shovel and Lei)
Who has the coolest job?  (Sunglasses, Kool-Aid and “Cool” Mints and Gum)

Do you have a class reunion coming up?  Which contest would you probably win?

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