On Sale: Teach Me To Serve eBook

This week, you can pick up a copy of my eBook, Teach Me To Serve:  99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve & Bless Others for 30% off.

As parents, we can be deliberate about teaching our children how to serve and develop a heart for others.  I have loved seeing my kids’ progress in the way they think and act in regards to service toward others.  This eBook is not a curriculum, nor a book of crafty ideas.  Teach Me To Serve gives 99 simple and practical ways to inspire a serving heart in the lives of your preschoolers.

“If your desire as a parent is to raise children with servant hearts, then you need this book. Packed full of practical, doable ideas for teaching kids to serve, Teach Me to Serve will get you thinking and planning ways to encourage your kids to serve others. Although aimed at teaching preschoolers to serve, the ideas in this book can be adapted for kids of almost any age.” – Lori, Everyday Truth 

Use discount code thankful and buy the eBook for $2.79 this week only.  Discount valid on pdf copies, Monday, November 19th though Monday, November 26th.

*Also available on Kindle or Nook for $3.99.