Writing Your Summer Bucket List

Writing Your Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but for us this is the first week of true summer weather.  Until now, it has been cold and rainy.  And since summer has officially arrived, I thought we better put together our Annual Summer Bucket List!


This year, I thought we’d do something a little more fun than just a list on my computer.  So with a little help from my Cameo and a little creative thinking on our favorite summer activities, we have a great list of summer fun planned.


Why write a Summer Bucket List?

* It encourages time spent together.

* It reminds you of the fun things to do with your family.

* It makes you deliberate and intentional with your time, when summer can fly by so quickly!

* It creates memories with your kids.


When Writing Your Summer Bucket List, Ask Yourself These Questions:

* What activities ooze Summer to you?  Is it time at the pool, picking summer berries, spending time in the sprinkler?

* What are local festivities or points of interest that you’d like to visit?

* What activity would thrill your kids?

* What are the “good old summertime” things you remember as a child?

* What would you like your child to experience or learn about this summer?



Get to writing!  I usually have about 20 things on my list.  Don’t worry if you don’t get to everything during the summer.  After all, you’re not being graded . . . it’s summer!


Writing a Summer Bucket list 3



Here is my list (and it often includes many similar items from previous years):

1.  Go to the Zoo.

2.  Eat S’Mores.

3.  Swim Til We’re Pruny.

4.  Have a Garage Sale.

5.  Make Sno Cones.

6.  Go Berry Picking.

7.  Make Pudding Pops.

8.  Go Hiking.

9.  Have Friends over for Campfire Cones.

10.  Go to the Drive-In.

11.  Entertain on the Deck.

12.  Go Camping.

13.  Attend “Old Glory Day” Celebrations!

14.  Have a Picnic.

15.  Go to the Beach one EARLY morning.

16.  Pick Flowers.

17.  Have a Date Night Picnic.

18.  Explore a New Park.

19.  Make Strawberry Shortcake.

20.  Watch the Sunrise from the Front Porch.


Happy Summer!  What is on your Summer Bucket List?


Looking for a fun Summer Bucket List Printable?  Check out this from my friend, Stacie of Motherhood on a Dime!


  1. Definitely hiking and the beach. And lots of ice cream:)

  2. Ahhh, we have a Summer Bucket List.

    My daughter created it, and it’s called The Sullivan’s Not Bummer Summer List (thank you, Judy Moody movie). It’s full of all kinds of fun and random activities like touch a dead sea creature, ride a roller coaster, and learn to dive into the deep end of the pool.