Worms, Worms, Worms!

We recently attended a local park program for children and I wanted to share some of their great ideas with you.  The topic was worms and ‘Sweet Boy’ really enjoyed the variety of hands-on fun. 

Here is what they did: 
  • The teacher, our Explorer, began by talking about what worms are and what they aren’t…big, small, fuzzy, smooth and what worms eat (leaves). 
  • Then each child sat at the table with their own little worm to touch, watch move and use a magnifying glass to examine. 
  • Loved this activity:  Each child took a plastic worm and having dipped it in a plate of mud, dragged it across the paper to create their Worm Trails.  We also drew some worms and grass on the paper.
  • Loved this too:  We pretended to be birds with long beaks in search of worms.  Each child was given two chopstick-like pieces of wood and a plate of graham cracker crumbs.  They had to dig through their “dirt” to find a gummy worm. 
  • Last, we went on a hike in search of worms and things that eat worms.
For Follow-Up:
  • We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought a bag of gummy worms.  (Of course, it was for the kids, not me at all!)
Our park district offers programs for all ages and the majority are free.  Check out what your local park is offering for indoor and outdoor fun.