Wizard of Oz Family Discussion Guide

Does your family enjoy Family Movie Nights?  I love settling down and watching a movie with the kids.  Some of my favorite movie nights are the movies I saw as a child. Watching my kids see a classic for the first time is exciting and for me, like seeing it again with fresh eyes.

Not too long ago, we hosted a Wizard of Oz Family Movie Night party.  Be sure to check out all the fun, themed snacks and colorful decorations.  Yes, I get carried away but for me, the creativity is half the fun.

Yet beyond serving great snacks and enjoying the movie itself, family movie nights provide a terrific opportunity to discuss predominant themes in the movie, the good and bad choices of the characters and even add a biblical worldview interpretation.

It is a natural opportunity to delve into discussion with your kids.  Find out what part your kids liked and didn’t like.  Ask how we can be a better friend to others?  What should we do when we face disappointment?

To make it easier, I have put together this free printable, a Wizard of Oz Family Discussion Guide.  [Download the Guide Here]

Simply download, print and turn your family movie night into a teachable moment.

Now, off to see the Wizard.

Free Download:  Wizard of Oz Family Discussion Guide
See the Party:  Wizard of Oz Family Movie Night Party