Why I Haven’t Cooked Dinner in Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been very busy.  But the beauty of it is that I haven’t cooked dinner during that time (short of throwing a couple chicken breasts in the oven).  The reason?  Freezer cooking!

On Black Friday, we bought a Chest Freezer.  It took about two weeks for us to get it situated, add an outlet and then, I started cooking.  Most of the dishes I made came out of Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer.  I am loving this cookbook!

You can read my basics of Freezer Cooking here.  Instead of having my usual 2-7 frozen meals at time, the chest freezer has allowed me to do so much more.

Here’s what has been in the freezer over the last month:  2 Chicken Tortilla Soups, 5 lbs of Taco Meat, Buttermilk Herb Chicken, Beef Picante Pie, Turkey Chili, 2 Bags of Mix Meat (Beef, Onion, Green Pepper and Shredded Carrot), Colorado White Chili, Pizza, 2 Chicken a la Kings, 2 Lasagnas, Continental Beef, 2 Cottage Pies, Pork Loin, Bacon Roll-Ups, 2 Santa Fe Hot Dip (WOW!)  not to mention smaller portion soups for Dan to take to work.  (I love a full freezer!)

Plus, in the beginning of January, I bought a 16lb ham for $1.17/lb.  Dan helped me carve it and we made 52 Ham & Swiss Sandwiches (the most awesome recipe of my mother-in-law’s – soon to share), Honey Dijon Ham Steaks, 2 Cups of Cubed Ham, 4 Cups Diced Ham ready for my Breakfast Casseroles, Diced Ham to add to salads, and enough Sliced Ham for 20 additional sandwiches.

I was so into building a mega-stash that instead of trying to cook one freezer friendly meal a week by doubling what I was already serving, I ended up choosing two freezer meals each week and cooking it times three.  This gave me one meal for dinner and two to freeze.

A Couple Other Things:  

  • I have found that cooking three of something really isn’t a whole lot more work than cooking one.
  • I am getting ready to plan another co-op freezer cooking day with some friends.  Want to learn more about doing it yourself?  Go here.
  • The companion book from which I am also cooking is Don’t Panic–More Dinner’s in the Freezer.  I’ve made some great things out of here as well!
  • One thing I love about having a frozen meal stash is that I was easily able to take meals to two new moms this month and also a meal to a family who had just moved.


And if you want to know another secret:   I’m not cooking this week either!
What are your Freezer Cooking secrets?

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  1. I recently discovered my favorite kind of freezer meals – crockpot! All you do is buy different meats and veggies in bulk and divide up in freezer bags. I just made my favorite recipes this month (Thai Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, Savory Roast, Fajita Flank Steaks). So simple. When ready to cook just pull out of freezer about an hour ahead and cook 2 hours on high and the remaining day on low. LOVE this method.

  2. Hope, I love that idea! Can I have some of your recipes?

  3. I’m so jealous! I really want to do this but I can’t get my brain around it. I’m totally copying down your recipes! Thanks!

  4. DianeMargaret Miller says:

    I LOVE the first book but could only find one thing my family could/would eat in the second book! The ones that I DID have from those books…..RAVE REVIEWS!!!
    Of course, my hubby, toddler, and I are not picky eaters but we do insist on good food! (To some of our friends, that means we’re picky…..like when the toddler won’t eat *ahem* that certain dayglo orange mac & cheese!)

    I LOVE freezer cooking & I love my slow cooker!!!

    • Oh Diane, I love freezer cooking too! I’ve gotten away from doing it as much lately. This week I am trying the Grilled Chicken and PB sauce (making a double batch to freeze). I have tried more from the first book, but my husband loves the Split Pea Soup from the 2nd book. Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂