Well, here goes!

Well, here goes.  I am blogging!  (If you could only hear the laughter right now!)  Really, who do I think I am? 
Why Blog?  For quite awhile now, I have been feeling frustrated that I haven’t been writing.  It has been too long!  I actually was published on a popular Christian Women’s website over six years ago and aside from the occasional MOPS devotions I give, I have only submitted one other article since! 
Blogging had crossed my mind but I quickly dismissed it as too much work and just another thing to be tied to.  But as I continued to feel unsettled with my lack of writing, blogging began to seem like a feasible outlet and could provide some fun along the way. 
Why Celebrate Every Day With Me?  As I plan the days for my family, I am often bogged down by a ridiculous To Do list.  If you saw it, you’d think I’m crazy, but what can I say, I like projects, organization and I love lists.  (More confessions to follow later.) 
But in the midst of everything I think I need to do,  I love the moments of the day where the kids and I do something just for pure fun.  It is an immediate reminder to enjoy the day, enjoy the time I have with my little loves and enjoy our time as a family.  I want to make a conscious effort to create special moments and celebrate every day. 
Some of what you see here will be geared to celebrating the day just for you.  Some will be geared toward your children and spouse.  Some, too, towards friends, neighbors and others outside of your immediate circle of influence.  I plan to give fun and simple ideas to remind us all to celebrate life and the blessings that God has given us.  To start, I’ll just be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with a couple five-day series along the way.  (At the moment I’m working on Making Traveling with Children Special and having lots of fun developing it!)
So if you have read this far, let me say, “Thank you!”  Hope to see you here often.