Our Most Recent Busy Bags / State Border Bags

The holidays are coming and many of you may have road trips planned to see family.  In the midst of all your cooking, baking, hustle and bustle, don’t forget to pack busy bags for your kids.  It will make your road trip that much more enjoyable!

Our tradition is that every time we cross a state border, the kids receive a “Border Bag.”  The picture above is what the kids’ bags contained for our most recent road trip to my brother’s wedding.  (And incidentally, if you didn’t read about his crazy ceremony entrance, read about it here.  It was amazing!)

The Kazoo was the biggest hit (for the kids!).

Each bag has a treat or snack and something to occupy time.  Most of the toy items come from the dollar store.   If you’d like to read more about our Border Bags, you can find more here.  Or if you’d like to know about our other State Border tradition, go here….yes, we sing at EVERY state line we cross.

What is your favorite road-trip friendly activity or toy?