Those CRAZY Birds ~ Finding Humor in Each Day

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year . . . sweatshirt and jeans, beautiful fall colors and the pumpkin candles burning in my kitchen.  However, it seems that we have a new annual tradition forming in the Fall.

There are a couple hundred crazy birds that come by our house every morning.  They are the loudest things!  You can, literally, hear them while inside with all doors and windows shut.  I have no idea what kind of bird they are (if you happen to know, please leave me a comment).  They hover, flit and float from tree to tree for about 15 minutes each morning.  I presume they are heading south for the winter.

Imagine FOUR times what you see in this picture.  Need a wide angle lens!
I am actually quite impressed by the sheer number of birds and their vocal strength when in unison.  And truth be told, I will probably miss them when they don’t return one morning.  We have enjoyed their presence while being reminded of the creativity and uniqueness of God’s creation.  And . . . we have laughed at the utter strangeness.  

What will you enjoy today?


  1. I’ve been very frustrated at my lack of productivity as a result of a cold this week, but I resolve to ENJOY a nap today. I’m glad you can enjoy your bird visit… I’d feel like I was in a Hitchcock movie. ( ;