Thirty-One Gifts GIVEAWAY

How can you simplify your summer with a bag?  You need to check out Thirty-One Gifts and all their fabulous organizing products.  I have only had my Thirty-One products for a short while now, but have quickly fallen in love with their versatility, functionality . . . of course, how cute they look!

Several of my family members have the Large Utility Tote and use it as their pool bag.  And I will admit, it looks super handy and spacious for those long days at the pool (remember how I want to get pruny at the pool this summer).  Another friend keeps it in the back of her mini-van and stores all her family’s athletic gear in it.  So many options!

And guess what?  One lucky winner will receive not only a Large Utility Tote in the Minty Chip pattern, but also the accompanying brown Top-a-Tote (only available in June), an Awesome Blossom Key Fob and an Awesome Blossom Nail File.  Shipping is included, making this a $60 value!

How would you use the Large Utility Tote?  Watch this 37 second video and check out some ideas.

But that’s not all!  Mary Hipp, a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant, is offering 10% off any “Celebrate Every Day With Me” order placed by 6/30/12.  In addition, don’t miss June’s monthly special:  When you spend $35, you can get a Large Utility Tote and Top-A-Tote for only $10 more.  With this special deal and the discount, you could walk away with a lot of products!

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Here is how to place your order and receive 10% off:
1.  Go to Mary’s Thirty-One Gifts site.
2.  Click on Place an Order and select Shop Now from the “Celebrate Every Day With Me” listing.
3.  Place your order by 6/30/12 to receive your 10% off.
4.  Please note: Mary will have to manually deduct the 10% off once the online event is closed.  You won’t see the 10% discount until after she submits the orders.
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If you would like to host an online party (and earn hostess rewards) or become a Thirty-One consultant, contact Mary.

And just in case you’re curious, my favorites are the Retro Metro Bag (Letter L- great slouchy bag that holds my laptop), the Organized Shoulder Bag (Letter A – wear it across your chest to the zoo, amusement park, playground . . . anywhere you want to be hands-free and leave your purse behind) and the Making Memories Thermal (Letter A – amazing, but this is for hostesses only).

Giveaway Details:  The giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, 18+ and will run from Thursday, 6/14/12 through Friday, 6/22/12 at 12:01 am.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond.

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  1. Thirty-One Gifts’ bags and totes are versatile, functional and cute! You’ll love them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would use the large utility tote as an awesome pool bag!

  3. I would use the large utility tote to pack for visits to our family cabin!

  4. I’d use the tote to haul my daughter’s things and my baby’s diaper bag supplies in one bag to the park, the ballgame, the beach, wherever! I love my Thirty-One bags; they’re so versatile.

  5. I would use it as a beach bag to carry my towel, lotion, sunglasses and hat!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would use it to carry baby items and towels to the pool!

  7. I would use it for my crafting supplies, or in the trunk of my car to keep groceries or other sundry items from rolling around back there.

  8. I have heard it is a great beach bag and I need a new one!!!

  9. Loving these bags! I would use in the car trunk for groceries or in the house to corral my crafts

  10. I would use my large utility tote to carry all my canning up and down from the basement.

  11. Carry all to the office
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  12. I would use the large utility tote when I bring supplies to our family bbq on the 4th of july.
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  13. I’d probably use it to carry everyone’s doboks to our family martial art class.

  14. For the pool

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’d using during my daughter’s travel soccer weekends (especially tourney weekends) for hauling all our gear!


  16. I would use it as a beach/pool bag or maybe even to carry products when I go do mary kay parties.

  17. Stefanie Mayer says:

    I would use the large utility tote as an organizer for all of the stuff in my trunk.

  18. I would use it for when I am up at the lake to carry my extra clothes, sunscreen etc. I need this!!

  19. I would use it for my daughters tennis lessons
    hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

  20. I’d use it for all the soccer equipment we haul around!

    Leslie Galloway (LesGalloway //at// hotmail //dot// com)

  21. Katie R. says:

    I would use it to carry our belongings to our cities 4th of July celebration

  22. Anonymous says:

    when we go camping
    sonflower277 at gmail dot com

  23. for on the sidelines 🙂
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com

  24. Anonymous says:

    I would use it to organize my car.

  25. I would use it to organize blankets.

  26. I would probably use it in my car 🙂

  27. I would love to use the large utility tote as a pool bag!

  28. I like the Retro Metro Bag

  29. I would use it at the pool.

  30. This is awesome. I would use it for day trips all around our beautiful Cascade Mountains. I am a teacher and could see using it a hundred ways during the school day. Love it!

  31. I would probably use the tote around the pool or our fire pit to hold the s’mores supplies.

  32. For carrying my library books- I had to use a brown paper bag last week!
    april yedinak

  33. Mandi M says:

    i would use the tote for my workouts. i need a new bag!

    mandi martin at yahoo

  34. I would probably choose the workout. I have been going to spinning classes and this would be good to take!

  35. I would use mine at Trader Joe’s shopping. they have a raffle that they give away a week’s groceries to someone who brings their own bag!

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’; the Rafflecopter connects to this

    email: annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. I would use this when I take my kids to the park for things like water, snacks, sunblocks, extra clothes, etc

  37. I would use it to sort my laundry…and carry my folded laundry upstairs!


  38. I would use it as a picnic bag to carry our blanket, water, snacks, food and sunblock.

  39. I’d use this to carry my teaching books, lesson plans, and papers to be graded back and forth from school to home! It would make my life a lot easier!

  40. I have 3 boys so this would be great in the car for all there stuff

  41. going swmming bathing suit, towel,sunscreen,water, hand sanitizer and of course snacks 🙂

  42. I’d keep it in my trunk for groceries!
    ~liz n.

  43. I would use it to hold all my car travel necessities for our road trip next month!!

  44. I would use it to organize items in my classroom.

  45. I would use it to take my kids things to and from events.

  46. my son’s toys

  47. Anonymous says:

    I would use the tote to help organizer the papers that I bring between my home and my classroom

  48. To organize my school stuff (I’m a mom of 3 in college for elementary education!).

  49. It would be perfect for a day at the park, or for my family for stocking up on books at the library!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  50. For carrying girl scout items!

  51. As a gym bag

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  52. Gym and pool bag!

  53. I would use it for many things! Use it around the campfire and as a swim bag.

  54. A diaper bag! 🙂

  55. I like I would keep the large utility tote in my trunk so that my purchases would all be organized and cute! 🙂

  56. i would use it as our pool bag

  57. diaper bag

  58. Melissa Miller says:

    I would use this bag in the car for traveling, in my camper. I really, really like this bag.

  59. Sandra Hingst says:

    I actually have never been to a Thirty-one party or seen the bags in person, but I have had friends comment on them and they love them. It would be great to win this contest and see for myself.

  60. I’d use it as a diaper or overnight bag.
    Tam Sweeps RC/FB

  61. I would probably use it several different ways, mostly grocery shopping at Aldi.

  62. I’d use it many dif ways, mostly when I travel. perfect size.

  63. I’d use it as a beach tote.

  64. I’d use it as a craft bag!

  65. I would use it as the main bag in our truck with extra clothes, snacks, etc. in the car for our children and us. We live in TN, and you never know in the winter if your going to get stuck somewhere.

  66. I would use it for shopping trips and for our camp outs this summer. I also love to keep totes in the car so we always keep it cleaned out of toys and extra clothes.

  67. I would use the large utility tote for library books…and maybe even a day trip to the beach! 🙂

  68. I would totally use this for my Smoky Mountain bag! We are twenty minutes from the mountains and are ALWAYS going on picnics or some hiking. It would be perfect for everything I need!

  69. The 37sec video was cool, but I know what I would “probably” use it for, I have an ugly bag in my Suburban with a complete change of clothes for 4 out of 6 of my kids. It isn’t quiet big enough for all 6 kids and the 10 year old is pretty “safe” on the clothing disasters now, and the baby always has a diaper bag with us, but… the other four… well, you just never know.

  70. Heather says:

    This would be great for pool stuff! Thanks!

  71. I would use it to carry stuff around for my kids!

  72. Anonymous says:

    I would use it for toys.

  73. I would use it for all the little odds and ends you need when you go camping!

  74. For my workout.

  75. I would use the Large Utility Tote to carry all our stuff to the beach.

    tderosa142 at gmail dot com

  76. I would love to use the Utility tote for when I take my kids to the pool.

  77. I would use it for the beach!

  78. I would use it for craft supplies storage.

  79. I would use it for my household binder and supplies!

  80. I would use it for picnics and for crafts.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I love thirty one bags.
    Sooooooo many uses around my house 🙂

  82. Laura Jacobson says:

    I would use at the beach! So many ways to use it though….might switch it around a bit!!!
    landfjacobson @

  83. I would use it everyday to toe around snacks, toys, and other diaper bag goodies!

  84. I’d keep it in the hatch-back area of my car- I’m thinkin’ it would stop the coffee creamer and heads of lettuce from rolling around!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. I would use it to pack our snacks and supplies for my daughter’s softball games. We spend up to 16 hrs. a day on a softball field so we need a lot of supplies for that and this would be great to pack it all in. thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  86. I would use it to carry all our stuff when we go to the beach or the park

  87. I would use it when we go to the beach or pool

  88. I would use a utility tote as a catch all for toys thought out the day. It really could be used for just about anything!

  89. I would use it for when I go to the lake or beach!

  90. I think it would be PERFECT to carry all my teaching supplies/props to my diabetes classes.


  91. I would use it as my pool bag and my beach bag when we go to the beach

  92. We are about to move in with my mom for a bit and will be tight on space. I think Id use it to put the baby’s toys in.

  93. Kelley F says:

    I would use this for when we go to the zoo and the park.

  94. I’d use it for a picnic.

  95. I would use it for both trips to the pool and off season for carring stuff to scrapbooking!

  96. I would use it to take to the beach and to the park.

  97. I’d use it for cleaning supplies. Thanks for hosting!

  98. I would use it as a snack/travel games bag for when I am on the go with my 4 kids.

  99. I live at the beach so of course it would go to the beach with me. I would also be a good everyday tote.

    mybeachylife at gmail dot com

  100. I would choose the in the nursery

  101. This would be great to lug all of my kids’ stuff to swim meets. I could carry their extra towels, swimsuits, goggles, and snacks. Jill

  102. Colleen S says:

    I would keep it in my vehicle for a great emergency carry all.

  103. It would make an awesome beach bag 🙂

  104. I would use for beach and for tee ball thanks for the chacne to win

  105. I’d use it for a trip to the beach or the farmers market!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Jeremy S says:

    I would give it to my wife. I could see her using this to do shopping in.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  107. I would use it in the trunk of my car and for traveling.

  108. I’d use it for all of out playdoh and accessories! Nice and tidy!
    Rachel B.
    schkinner at yahoo dot com

  109. I would use it for beach gear when we went to the lake, or for the in-car bag when we were traveling.

  110. I would use it to shop!

    PDWinner523 at

  111. I would use for the park

  112. I would love to give this to my daughter for the cruise we are planning!
    (toocaringforyou22 at yahoo dot com on rafflecopter)

  113. alicia zirjacks says:

    I would use it all the time to go out with the kids to the park, beach and zoo.

  114. I’d use it at the pool and beach

  115. My oldest plays soccer. I have to take a 1 year old with me to the games so we haul a lot of stuff this tote would be great for all that 🙂

  116. Christle W says:

    Vacation to yellowstone

  117. I would use my tote at the beach!

  118. My daughter could use it for all-stars or slumber parties. I could use it for my crafts. We both could use it to go to the beach!

  119. This would be perfect for carting around all of my kids’ stuff when we go to the fair in a few weeks.

  120. I would use it in my car as a beach tote.

  121. I think it would make a good gym bag.

  122. I would use it as a beach bag