The Summertime Daisy Chain Necklace

Daisy Chain Necklace

I love daisies.  They conjure up happy, innocent, playful and worry-free feelings in me.  And seeing my daughter run around in daisy chain necklace is just a precious summertime moment turned forever memory.


You’ll love how simple these are to make.  You will only need scissors, a knife, and daisies (or other flower).  Tape is optional.

daisy chain necklace 2

1.  With a knife, slit the stem.  The closer you want your flowers to be, the closer your slit should be to the head of the flower

daisy chain necklace 3

2.  Push another stem through that slit.

daisy chain necklace 4

daisy chain necklace 5

3.  Now make a new slit in the second stem and repeat until your chain is as long as desired.

daisy chain necklace 6

4.  Trim the excess stems except for the first and last.  Wait on these.

daisy chain necklace 7

daisy chain necklace 8

5.  To close your chain, send the first stem through a slit in the last stem.  I decided to throw some tape on it to secure.  Next time, I am going to try weaving that first stem through two slits in the other stem.  If you try it, let me know how it works.

daisy chain necklace 9


This is last year’s daisy chain with the flowers more spaced out.

daisy chain 2012

Happy thoughts!


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  1. There is something so magical about daisy chains! I wore one in my hair on my wedding…I think I need to get some pictures of my little girl wearing one now! 🙂

    • Summer, that sounds lovely! And wouldn’t that be the cutest to have your daughter’s picture next to your own in a scrapbook or photo book? Love that! I have some dresses that were mine as a child and I have been trying to catch similar poses/locations with my daughter wearing it now . . . tying it all together. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. This is so precious! I am loving your site.

  3. Such a cute idea and pretty little girl. I love flower crafts. Thanks for sharing. Pinned!