The Silly Singing Hour

The Silly Singing Hour
Here is something completely silly to do and depending on the age of your kids, they will either love it or you will drive them crazy.

Have you ever watched a musical and thought how wonderful it would be break into song at monumental moments in life . . . with full orchestration?  I think it would be a super fun and exciting way to live life.  (One of my favorites is the “How Does She Know You Love Her” scene from Enchanted.  Practically the whole city starts singing along.  Have you seen it?  Gotta love it!)

So today, we’re going to spend an hour (ok, maybe just half an hour . . . well, maybe we’ll start with 15 minutes) and sing everything we say.  I’m going to set the timer and make a fun game out of it with the kids.  Everything said must be said in song.  It is alright if you chose a familiar tune and apply new words. Just ignore any spoken comments until your kids start singing your tune!

My son often, politely albeit, asks me to stop singing along with the music.  Hmmm, we’ll see how he likes this one.  And now, I think I need to go watch Enchanted!

What is your favorite “break out in song” movie moment?  

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