As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, both of my kids had pink eye last week.  The doctor’s orders called for 7 days of eye drops every 4 hours that they are awake.  (Are you kidding me?)  Have you ever tried giving young children eye drops?

Let’s just say that before I reached out on Facebook for help, there was a lot of screaming, kicking, pinning down and tears (almost mine, too!).  But thanks to a Facebook friend, Christine, who is also an eye doctor, things greatly improved in the eye drop strategy!

Here is the tip she shared:

Let your kids keep their eyes closed.  Squeeze a couple drops into the inner corner of their eye.  Using gravity to your advantage, have them open their eyes quickly.  The fluid will flow into the eye.

It was easiest to cradle my kids in my arms so that I could fully control the tilt of their head.  And while my 2 year old still isn’t thrilled, it is much easier than before.  And with my 4 year old, we are doing wonderfully.  (Yes, I’m celebrating this!)

Christine also mentioned trying to give a dose while they are asleep.  I have found that to work as well!

Thanks, Christine!  You saved this mama from tears of her own! 

PS:  I am not a doctor, just a mom trying to give a helpful tip.  Always follow your doctor’s instructions.