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Have you experienced it?  The “oh dear, the guests are coming soon and I’m not ready” panic.  For me, it usually sets in when I realize something is cooking too fast or too slow, or has completely flopped.  Maybe it is that the kids have “re-arranged” the room yet again or my husband is running late from work and I need his strong back to take care of a couple tasks.  Silly, I know.  But I like things to be in place when my company arrives.  I like my table, my house and the food to look nice.


You see, I used to be a professional wedding planner.  My job was to make things look perfect, to hide the messes and to cover up any problems that arose.  My clients paid me to make sure the mechanics of the evening appeared flawless to the masses and to attend to all the details.  But hospitality in the home is quite different.  It is about the people, the individual and truly, the heart.


My favorite part of entertaining in the home is the moment the guests walk in the door.  It is at that moment that my focus easily changes.  It is not about my failed attempt for the best meal ever.  It is about my guests and the opportunity we have to connect.  It is the moment conversation begins.


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