The Adventure of Black Friday

Did you head out this morning . . . or should I say last night?  I love shopping on Black Friday.  But I’ll be honest with you.  It is as much about the special adventure and time I get with my nieces as it is about the deals.  Don’t get me wrong, the deals are a-mazing.  And as you probably know, I love getting a good deal.  I shop for the entire year on Black Friday and save a ton of money.

But most, I look forward to making memories with my precious two nieces.  We started several years ago.  Every Thanksgiving, we host Nieces & Nephews Night where we eat junk, play games, stay up all night and shop.  You have to be 13 to be invited . .  which means we’ll be adding a couple more next year.  I remember the younger of the two girls, skipping through Walmart’s parking lot on our first year together.  A chill was in the air, but not on that girl.  My other niece and I were trying to mentally gear up and prop open our eye lids, but there was the young teen as excited as can be . . . and skipping.  Now she is a Senior in high school . . .

So when some of the stores announced they’d be opening at 8 or 9pm, I was kind of bummed.  First, let’s get things straight.  It is Thanksgiving.  Can’t we keep it just Thanksgiving?  Commercialism is taking over everything.  But I also think anyone can shop at 8pm.  What is the thrill in that?  I want to go in the middle of the night off on some special mission to score great prices while my nieces and I develop our attack plan for each store . . . in the middle of the night!

Doing something out of the ordinary, crazy, wacky or silly is great for memory makers.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Just take someone along who will make you laugh, challenge you to keep on . . . even if it is a teenager in the middle of the night.  You’ll love it.

And you want to know a secret?  I can’t wait for the year my daughter joins us in the madness.

Do you shop on Black Friday?  

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  1. You are the coolest aunt! So you literally stay up all night? Wow! It makes my online black friday shopping seem so lackluster. Maybe next year!