A couple weeks ago, I mentioned an ebook that a blogging friend of mine had written.  It is called Thanksgiving Heart:  Cultivating Gratitude in Young Children All Year Round from Stacie Nelson at Motherhood on a Dime.

Now before you’re tempted to click to another page and dismiss this as a Thanksgiving book, STOP! This book is applicable to your life any time of the year.  Why?  Because it is about inspiring thankfulness and gratitude in the hearts of our children, as well as our own.

I found Thanksgiving Heart to be motivating, inspiring and practical.  Stacie shares openly from her own life experiences her journey with gratitude.  From a mission trip to poverty-stricken Haiti to handling family illness and loss, Stacie sets the stage for important lessons in thankfulness.

The ebook is an easy read with a down-to-earth approach to cultivating a heart that chooses gratitude.  Yet, Stacie doesn’t pull any pretenses.  Maintaining a heart of thanksgiving is a lifelong quest.  I would recommend this book to anyone looking to renew their own perspective and develop gratitude in their children.  

Stacie gives lots of practical ideas for laying a foundation of gratitude for your children and my favorite is the 30 Day Scripture and Activity Guide (one of several great printables included with the book.)  We just started it.  The ironic part?  I just told my husband the other day that I was starting to get that slightly panicky feeling of everything going on in the next month and a half…not anything huge, just the incredible amount of little things to be tended to. This is perfect to help me keep the focus off myself and maintain a grateful heart, all while teaching my children.

Here’s a little more about the eBook:

With practical ideas, faith-filled stories, and a heart for moms with young children, Stacie Nelson shares simple ways she’s growing gratefulness in her own life – – and in the lives of her three girls.  This is not a book about the holiday of Thanksgiving; nor is it a book with a prescribed formula or twenty-step program to make your child grateful.  Instead, Thanksgiving Heart gives simple, meaningful ideas to guide and train your children in growing a grateful heart.  You’ll find an encouraging book about giving thanks in ALL things at ALL times.”

The book includes:

  • Practical ways to encourage thanksgiving in children
  • 30 service projects
  • 15 gratitude discussion starters for families
  • Application questions at the end of each chapter
  • Printable 30-Day Scripture & Activity Guide
  • Printable Gratitude Journal
  • Printable Thank You Card
  • Printable Incentive Chart

Stacie is graciously offering a discount code to my readers making the price only $1.99 (currently sold for $2.99).  Use code CELEBRATE to buy the book for $1.99 as a pdf.  Or hop over to Amazon where Stacie has lowered the Kindle price to $1.99 as well.  This is a great deal!  

Click here to view more details and buy the ebook as a pdf.
Go here for Kindle.

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