7 End of the Year Tasks to Simplify Your Life


The end of the year is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, you long for a little simplicity.  And while I have no desire to go back to the pioneer days, there are a couple things you and I can do now to make impacting change.

From what comes into your house to what stays in your house, 

here are Seven “End of the Year” Tasks to Simplify Your Life:


1.  Unsubscribe from Unnecessary Email Lists.  (But not mine, please!)  How many junk emails do you get each day?  I get over 30 a day!  Store promotions, organization newsletters, non-profit updates and way-to-many daily deal site promos fill my inbox.  It takes time to delete each one.  Take a day or two and unsubscribe from each one that you no longer need or use.



2.  Put Your Home Phone Number on the National Do Not Call Registry.  When we did this, the number of telemarketer calls to our home dropped dramatically.  Now, we only get charitable and political unsolicited calls.  This means less interruptions to your home life!  Go to www.DoNotCall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222.



3.  Cut Down on Junk Mail by “Opting Out.”  The amount of incoming junk mail at my house is absurd.  Do you feel the same?  For the next few weeks, pile up any junk mail that you are able to opt out of.  Then follow up on it.  I recently received a letter from a credit card company offering me a chance to opt out of receiving all kinds of affiliate mailings.  You bet, I will!


Dave Ramsey suggests going to www.optoutprescreen.com to reduce the amount of unauthorized direct mail marketing, including pre-approved credit card offers.  Check out the Direct Marketing Association for more resources on how to stay off mailing lists.


4.  Purge Your Existing Paperwork.  As the year is winding down, go through your files (or piles) and shred!  Don’t waste your space on what you no longer need to keep.  Do remember that you need to keep tax-related documents for seven years.  I don’t like going through paperwork, so I’ll initially be setting the time for 30 minutes to get started.



5.  Create a Cleaning Bin in each Bathroom.  Save time by keeping a stock of the necessary cleaning supplies under each sink, including the kitchen.  This is so simple to do and means no more running around to grab an item.  It will be right where you need it.



6.  Reduce Toy Clutter.  With the new toys that will soon be coming in, now is the perfect time to purge your kids’ toys.  Remove the toys that are no longer used, loved or age appropriate.  Box them up to donate or sell at your next garage sale.  Clutter exhausts me.  Less clutter means less to clean up, less stress and more simplicity!


7. Start Freezer Cooking.  You will be amazed how life feels simpler when you start freezer cooking.  If everything went right this morning (Black Friday), in my basement will be my new chest freezer.  The pay-off for a solid day of cooking is immeasurable when you have a busy life.  And let’s face it, who isn’t busy these days?  Do it alone or ask a couple friends to join you in the task.  Read about freezer cooking alone or jointly here.

There you have it!  Seven tasks to tackle for the end of the year.  Let’s get started!

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