My Secret for Protecting Tables from Party Spills & Drips

My secret for protecting a wood table from party spills & drips in one easy step


Party time.  Guests are serving themselves drinks and blue kool-aid is dripping down the side of the pitcher onto the table.  Or maybe it is the spout of your favorite beverage dispenser leaking iced tea even when turned off in plenty of time.  It happens to everyone, right?

A wipeable surface works best for a beverage station, but if you’re like me and you like to switch it up a bit and serve your drinks from different pieces of furniture (especially wood tables), you’ll love this easy little tip.

Instead of letting party spills and drips ruin your table, try this:


hide this under your tablecloth

Hide a couple pieces of cling wrap under your tablecloth and protect your table from party spills and drips.  It is cheap and easy!

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