Scavenger Hunts for Young and Old

I love scavenger hunts!  Following clues from one spot to another to find your prize is exciting.  But while following the clues is great fun, creating them to be enjoyed by someone else can be as well.  A scavenger hunt can be amusing for young and old alike. 
Young children’s scavenger hunts are very simple.  Go here – Go there – Find treat.  Several times a week, Sweet Boy and I do a scavenger hunt around the house.  And although he can’t read, he runs each note to me and then races to the designated location.  My Secret:  I reuse the clues and it still never gets old!  Even Sweet Girl is starting to get into it. 
For older children, you may want to start making them think about the clues:  
“I need water and sun to help me grow.” 
 “I keep things cold, don’t leave me open.  Cause if you do, we’ll all be mopin’. ”
 “Add the bubbles and we’ll have lots of fun.  Turn the water on warm and soon you’ll be done.”
The mascot and inspiration for our teen scavenger hunt.
Teens:  A couple years ago, we ran a scavenger hunt for our Jr. & Sr. High Church Youth Group and called it The Wild Goose Chase.  We even borrowed a goose as our mascot.  Teams had to follow clues through our town, taking photos (and printing them) and asking others for help.
 My favorite part of the event was that it involved many from our church family.  Volunteers were at each location ready to hand out the next clue.  It took a lot of coordination but the teens had a blast and the memories were well worth the effort. 
Some of my favorite clues were:  Citrus Caesar, The most popular way to move people in NYC and A test teens are excited to take.  Can you figure out where they went?
Adults:  Yes, even an adult will enjoy piecing together the clues to find a prize.  Although, adults expect a little more than a tiny chocolate as the reward!  

A couple months ago, my husband, Dan, made a scavenger hunt for me.  I had to decode and follow clues around the house which eventually led to a Kindle!  He had put a lot of thought into it and made me feel very special.
The note my husband gave me for my scavenger hunt.
Answer:  The Kids’ Play Kitchen Microwave
We love to play the board game, SORRY.
 Who can you make a scavenger hunt for today?