How to Create a Rosette Napkin Fold

This rosette napkin fold is easy to do and you can put it in a glass, tea cup or even yes, a mossy pot.  Grab your napkins and let’s get rolling.

Depending on the size of your glass or container, you will need to vary how tight you roll the napkin.  But, here are the basics:

rosette napkin fold

I love how it looks in a clear glass!

rosette napkin fold (5)


For a toasting glass, coil the napkin roll into more of a spiral shape:

Tall Rosette Napkin Fold

For a flatter rosette in a tea cup, keep your initial rolling tight and round.  Then as you coil the napkin, don’t allow it to slack.  Work at keeping it as horizontal as possible so it will sit nicely in the cup.

rosette napkin fold in tea cup

Play with your napkins and find out what looks pretty for your glass or container.  Happy folding!

Which rosette napkin fold do you like best?  Would you do this for your table?

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