Raising Kids Who Love to Learn

One of the many values I am trying to instill in my children is a love of learning.  I hope my kids always enjoy trying something new, learning about God’s world and how it works.  But raising kids who love to learn need not be an arduous task that requires a radical shift in thinking.  It can become a natural way of life as you raise your little ones to explore their world.

Five ideas for raising kids who love to learn:


Approach life with a general excitement.  Be thrilled with the unusual, the beautiful and the cool.  When you see something interesting, share it with your children.  When I was driving carpool last week, we saw a giant (and I mean giant) tractor driving down the road.  I think I could have fit in one of the wheel wells!  You better believe I pointed it out and talked about it with the girls.

Talk about gorgeous sunrises, the mysterious fog over the meadow, the interesting animals at the zoo.  Let your excitement of life be contagious.

Ask questions.  As you go about your daily life, ask your kids questions about what they are experiencing.  What do they see outside?  How do they think something works?

Fall is here.  When you are looking at the gorgeous outdoor colors, ask your kids why the leaves change colors.  (Incidentally, here is a cool experiment I did with my kids on this very subject.)  Let them hypothesize.  You may even get an answer worthy of recording in a journal.

Ask the why’s, how’s and cause/effect questions:  why did God give the elephant a trunk?  How do you think they made that toy?  What do you think happens if…

If you are not sure of an answer yourself, that’s ok.  Because really, who can answer all the galactic questions of a 7 year old?  Just check the internet together when you get home.

Encourage reading.  Reading opens up a child’s world.  Whether it is a fantastic adventure, a historical biography or a book teaching on a particular subject, books can expose your children to new information.  Encourage them to read all about tractors, horses, detectives or a favorite interest.

This is where I should add, however, that I am very careful what I put in front of my children whether it be books, movies or tv.  (Read my post at The Better Mom on protecting the innocence of your children.)

Take field trips.  Expose your children to a variety of experiences (age appropriate, of course.)  Visit farms, museums and other attractions.  Check your local library and park district for their many free programs.

We like to have a membership to a local attraction each year, whether it be the zoo, science museum or other location.  I usually buy an upgraded membership that allows guests to join us for free because I have found that I am more likely to go when we can take another mom and her kids along for the adventure.  Although, there are also times when we enjoy a quiet outing on our own as well.

Be an Example.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, yourself.  Take a class.  Attend a conference.

Last weekend, I went to Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  I love to learn and improve on what I am doing.  This was a great conference for learning the latest on social media, blogging tools and tips and meeting up with other bloggers.  It was extra fun because Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world (seriously – the new dive coaster coming in Spring of 2016 will break 10 world records!)  My family comes with me, enjoys the park and the kids see me going to conference sessions over the course of the weekend . . . to learn.

What is it that you have always been interested in learning?  Join a Bible study.  Take a class through {my affiliate} Craftsy, JoAnns, a local community college or check your library.

If you want to raise kids who love to learn, make it a natural part of your everyday life.  Learning is a privilege and can be a great source of joy.

Be a family that celebrates learning.  


What would you add to this list?  

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