I am so excited to finally share more details with you about my new book, At The Well.  It is a book for Christian singles, taking them on a journey through Genesis 24 – the story of Isaac and Rebekah – where God reveals the most beautiful blueprint for finding love and pursuing marriage.  You can read more about the book here.

Now, I realize that here at Celebrate Every Day With Me, our readers are primarily MOMS!  So, while I know this book may not apply to you directly, I am guessing that some of you have kids who fall into the Christian single category or you have intentions of talking with your children about seeking God when looking for a husband or wife.

Whether this is you or not, I really need help for a successful book launch.  Would you consider joining my launch team?  Being a part of a launch team means reading a pre-release PDF copy of the book, writing a review and sharing about the book.  Then on launch day (February 4, 2018), you’ll post your review on Amazon.  Don’t worry, we will lay everything out to make it as simple as possible!

Click here to join the launch team and start reading At The Well before everyone else!