Simply Organized Life 12 Month Journey

I long for simplicity and organization.  I dream of it.  I love the thought of it.  But in light of the past six months, I realize I have less of it than hoped for.  So I am on a journey.  Over the next twelve months, I will be tackling areas of life that need to be set in order.  And I’m talking everything from a cleaning routine to estate planning.  (Ouch.  Yes, I said estate planning.)

At the end of this year, I am looking for my ducks to be in a row . . . at least the ones I have control of. I am seeking a plan that not only makes sense, but is goal-oriented.  I am looking for the simply organized life.  Will you join me?

Here is what we’ll be tackling:

January:  Our Multiple Account World
February:  Where’s the Will?
March:  Budget Smudget
April:  Do I Have Goals?
May:  Estate Planning is a Gift
June:  Home Clutter Makes Captives
July:  Retirement & College Planning
August:  A Cleaning Routine That Works
September:  Taming the Family Schedule
October:  The Digital Life
November:  The Paper Life
December:  Tasks for Simplicity

Sure, all these things should be done now.  But for most of us, let’s face it.  If we had to do all of this now, we would do none of it.  The tasks are too overwhelming.  By breaking our big goal (the simply organized life) into little goals and spreading them out over the course of the year, we will find ourselves with achievable goals.  We can do this!

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