A Simple Way to Add Creative Fun to Breakfast

A Simple Way to Add Creative Fun to Breakfast

You may think that you need a cup of coffee before you can get into a creative mood and that may very well be so.  But your kids need no caffeine to add creative fun to breakfast.  Mom, you can get their imaginations in gear by simply getting things started.

It is this simple.

When you’re all sitting around the breakfast table, start thinking up new names for the food your eating.  Yes, all we’re doing is renaming our food and having everyday kind of fun.

For example:

My plain yogurt and granola became white lava and gold rocks.

Cheerios become smoke rings of a certain Wonderland caterpillar.

Toast becomes sunburned surf boards.

Scrambled eggs becomes waves of sunshine.

Please note:  if your kids are young, you will probably [read as inevitably] end up in the bathroom talk arena.  I’ll leave that up to you as to how soon to squelch their creativity.  😉

What will your kids come up with?  Find out over tomorrow’s breakfast!


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