The One Thing We Do After Every Movie

The One Thing We Do After Every Movie.

There is something we do after every movie we see – whether we are at home or at the movie theater.  It is a game we play and we do it all the time.  It is something so utterly simple, you can do it too.

Will it create fun with your kids?  

You bet.

Will it annoy your teenagers?

Quite possibly.

Will you forevermore be the last ones to leave the theater?


This game is something I remember doing as a teenager.  My mom made us do it.  She made my friends do it.  And now I do it with my kids and whoever else happens to be watching the movie with us.

What is it we do?

We play the family name game.  

During the credits at the end of the movie, we all watch for our own names.  We keep track and declare a winner.  No prize, just bragging rights.

And as a bonus, we have seen many surprise scenes that follow the end of the credits that so many others have not.  It is just a fun, little game we play to create memories and connect with each other.

Next time you watch a movie, give it a try!